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Chuck has served as a neutral arbitrator in more than 200 proceedings and as an advocate during his 40 years in at least 200 arbitrations. He is appointed  under the relevant agreements of the parties as well as through appointment as a panelist of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) Employment, Labor, Commercial and Consumer panels, the Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) Employment, Financial and E-Discovery panels, the Labor Relations Connection and the Employment and Labor panels of the American Dispute Resolution Center (ADRC).  Including his experience as an advocate, he has participated in more than 400 arbitrations.

These appointments usually result in the parties following the selection protocol in those tribunals. Chuck has served on three-arbitrator panels as well as in specialized arbitrations such as High-Low arbitrations or “Baseball” arbitrations.

Parties also contact STOHLER ADR PLLC directly to arrange arbitrations.  A sample Arbitration engagement letter and Scheduling Order are here: STOHLER ADR: Sample Arbitration engagement letter and Scheduling Order

Chuck has served as the Arbitrator in grievance arbitrations brough pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement either through one of the panels mentioned above or through direct contact.


In the employment context, Chuck has served as a neutral arbitrator in cases involving FLSA and wage hour individual and collective claims, independent contractor issues, discrimination (of all types), common law tort and contract actions, executive compensation, ERISA and benefits disputes, employment contract, non-compete and severance disputes.

These cases have been in the private and public sectors, including Health Care, Home Health Care, Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Insurance, Education, Financial Services, Auto Dealers, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Construction, Exotic Damages, Gig Economy, and Transportation, Logistics and Limousine industries.

Chuck has handled approximately 30 cases brought by mass claimants against single employers in the wage-hour and ERISA contexts.


In 2021, Chuck was appointed to the AAA Panel of Labor Arbitrators.  Chuck has participated as an advocate and as a neutral arbitrator in many grievance arbitrations.  He has handled just cause discharge cases as well as work rule disputes under collective bargaining agreements for industries such as health care, construction, manufacturing, financial services, retail, grocery, restaurant, hospitality, corrections, telecommunications, and education in both the public and private sectors.

Chuck has experience with employee benefits and ERISA matters, including in multi-employer and Taft-Hartley settings. As an arbitrator, Chuck has handled large multi-claimant ERISA challenges to a plan administrator’s fiduciary duties. He has addressed ERISA and benefits issues in executive employment disputes, such as disability plan matters. As an advocate, Chuck has negotiated more than 50 labor contracts involving multi-employer benefit plans (pension, health and welfare, vacation, apprenticeship, training funds) and has been involved in numerous cases of withdrawal liability from multi-employer pension funds under the Multi-Employer Pension Plan Amendment Act (MEPPA). Chuck has handled numerous grievances and arbitrations involving payment disputes, benefit formula adjustments, employee contributions issues, coverage issues and change of providers.

He has had experience in negotiating and drafting collective bargaining contracts as well as with matters brought before the National Labor Relations Board.

With the establishment of STOHLER ADR PLLC, Chuck has been added as a neutral to the American Arbitration Association Panel of Labor Arbitrators in 2021.


As the result of his service on the panels for American Arbitration Association (Commercial and Consumer Panels), the Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) (Employment, Financial and E-Discovery Panels) and the American Dispute Resolution Center (Commerical), Chuck regularly hears commercial disputes. In particular, he has been involved in more than 30 cases involving franchise disputes with a national restaurant chain.